Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for the Sir Elford Cup?
Typically, the top points winners in each flight receive an invitation to play in their home tours Sir Elford Cup team. If the top point winner is not able to participate, the local director has the ability to offer the spot to another player to fill a team. Contact your local director to find out exactly what qualifications he is using to field your team.

Does every tour send a Sir Elford Cup Team?
No. Some tours are not able to field a team due to various reasons. There will be a minimum of 20 teams and a maximum of 24 teams, all with 12 players, 2 from each of the 6 flights.

What is the Sir Elford Cup format?
Each 12-player team will compete in 3 formats: Best Ball, Scramble and Individual Match Play. The first day all teams will play Best Ball on the Trilogy Golf Course and a scramble on the PGA West Golf Course. Day two will have all teams playing the Individual Match Play at Trilogy.

How are the teams paired up to play each other?
All teams are put into a blind draw and selected to compete against each other at random, with the exception that any one team can not compete against the same team twice. IE, if Tampa Bay plays San Diego in match #1, they would not play against each other in match #2 or match #3. In day two competitions, the top half of the field will be split from the bottom half of the field and put into a blind drawing to compete against each other. The higher scoring teams will play a shotgun start at Trilogy in the morning and the lower scoring teams will play an afternoon shotgun start at Trilogy in the afternoon.

When do I play my match?
Every player will play 36 holes on Monday and 18 on Tuesday. There will be two simultaneous shotgun starts on PGA West Stadium and Trilogy during day one. If you start out by playing at Trilogy in the morning, you will then play in the afternoon at PGA West Stadium. If you start out by playing PGA West Stadium in the morning, you will then play in the afternoon at Trilogy. Team pairings for Monday will be published on this site at least a week before the competition and will be available from your local director and at the Sunday night pairings party. Tuesday pairings will be determined based on your position in relation to the field and will be made available before players leave the golf courses on Monday.

How is the Sir Elford Cup scored?
Each match will have a total of 18 points. Day one features the Best Ball and Scramble format. Each flight (Nicklaus, Palmer, Hogan, etc..) will have a total of 18 points per match. I.E., if Tampa Ð Nicklaus is competing against the San Diego Ð Nicklaus, each hole is worth one point for a total of 18 possible points in the match. If the Tampa Ð Nicklaus team has a lower score on a hole, they win 1 point. If there is a tie on a hole, each team receives one-half point. After all matches have been recorded, each team will add up their points from their Nicklaus, Palmer, Hogan, Sarazen, Jones and Snead matches to come up with a team score. On day two, there are a total of 36 points available by flight. I.E., if the Tampa Ð Sarazen players are competing against the Kansas City Ð Sarazen players, the Tampa Ð Sarazen player A will compete against Kansas City Ð Sarazen player A for an individual match, worth a total of 18 points. Therefore, each flight can win a total of 36 points.

Which tees do I play from?
Trilogy: All Nicklaus/Palmer flights play from the Black tees 6883 yards, 72.7/127.
All Hogan/Sarazen flights play from the Blue tees 6455 yards, 70.8/124.
All Jones/Snead flights play from the Gold tees 6004 yards, 68.8/118.

PGA West Stadium: All Nicklaus/Palmer/Hogan flights play from the Championship tees 6739 yards, 73.0/142.
All Sarazen/Jones/Snead flights play from the Regular tees 6166 yards, 69.9/132.

What happens in the event of a tie for first place?
In the event there are two or more teams tied for 1st place after regulation, the team captain will pick one Nicklaus player and one Sarazen player to compete in a sudden death playoff, scramble format. The first team to record a lower score will win the Sir Elford Cup.

What happens if one player (or even both players from a flight) are missing or donÕt show up to compete?
In the event there is a player absent from competition, the following rules will fall into play.

Best Ball & Scramble Ð If one player is missing from a flight, the remaining player will play one ball only against his competitors. If both players from a flight are missing, the rules committee will pull a team name out of a hat and use their scores to match up against the team that is missing their competitors, called a Ghost player. I.E., if Tampa Ð Snead is playing a match against Louisville Ð Snead and neither of the Tampa Snead players are present, a rules committee person will pull a team name out of a hat and use their scores to create a match against the Louisville Ð Snead team. This will be done BEFORE the match begins so there is no knowledge of what the final scores could be.

Individual Match Play Ð If a player is missing from a flight, the rules committee will pull a team name out of a hat and use one of their scores to match up against the player that is missing their competitor, also a Ghost player.

What do I get for winning the Sir Elford Cup?
Each member of the winning Sir Elford Cup team will receive a replica of the Sir Elford Cup trophy, a gift certificate for $100 redeemable at The Golf Warehouse on-line and will take home the Sir Elford Cup for the 2005 season to be displayed at each local event.

Is there a pairings party before the Sir Elford Cup begins?
Yes. There will be a Sunday night gathering at a local restaurant/bar in the Palm Desert area where all players can gather to find out the latest updates on pairings, rules, course assignments and enjoy some food/drinks with other competitors from around the country. The specific time and location will be determined shortly and published on the Website.

Are practice rounds available?
Yes. Players are responsible for setting up their own practice rounds by calling Trilogy at 909 277 7900 or PGA West Stadium at 760 564 7170.