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If you are a member of The American Amateur Golf Tour (AAGT), you receive much more than a membership pack and the opportunity to play competitive golf against your peers. When you join any local AAGT tour, your membership includes a registration to the local AAGT golf club. This permits every member to establish a USGA® Handicap Index through The National Golf Network (NGN) Golf Life Management System™. This USGA® Handicap Index is compliant with the by-laws established by the USGA® and can be used in any USGA® competition.

A USGA® Handicap Index is the number issued by the golf club and is expressed as a number taken to one decimal place. This number represents a players scoring ability and is NOT tied to a players average score for 18 holes. It is important to note that this is NOT your handicap but rather your USGA Handicap Index. 

The AAGT uses your current USGA® Handicap Index to initially flight a player that has not competed on any tour events. If you do not have a USGA® Handicap Index, the local tour director will work with you to help you establish one on the NGN website by using a minimum of 5 scorecards.

An AAGT Handicap Index is similar to the USGA® Handicap Index but it ONLY includes scores shot while playing on The Michelob ULTRA Golf Tour. Unlike the USGA® Handicap Index, non-AAGT or “outside scores” are not used to compute this number and it is NOT an official USGA® Handicap Index. The AAGT will use this number to re-flight players throughout the season and as your AAGT Handicap Index changes, so could your flight. 

Since play on the tour is limited to a smaller number of events during the season (typically 10-15 events are scheduled on each local tour), the AAGT Handicap Index uses a slightly different number of Handicap Differentials to compute the AAGT Handicap Index.  The AAGT uses the USGA® formula to determine a Handicap Differential. The formula is computed from 4 elements: adjusted gross score, USGA® course rating, USGA® slope rating and 113 (the slope rating of a course of standard difficulty). 

To compute a Handicap Differential of any given round use the following formula: (Adjusted Gross Score – USGA® Course Rating) X 113 / USGA Slope Rating

To reach your Adjusted Gross Score, Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) must first be applied to your gross score. ESC is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability. ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player’s course handicap.

Your Course Handicap
Max. Strokes on any Hole
9 or less
Double Bogey
10 through 19
20 through 29
30 through 39
40 or more

Any time a member participates in an official AAGT event, their score will be automatically entered into the NGN system by the Local Tour Director (LTD) taking into account ESC. There is no need for an AAGT member to go into the NGN system and post a round played on the AAGT. Any non-AAGT or outside scores need to be entered by the player. If you enter hole-by-hole posting, the NGN system automatically computes ESC, if you enter a total score, you will need to apply ESC before posting.

In order to obtain an AAGT Handicap Index, a player must have a minimum of 4 tour event scores posted into the system.  Once those scores are posted to the system the lowest 3 of those differentials are used to create your AAGT Handicap Index. Once 8 scores are entered, the best 6 differentials out of 8 are used and once 12 scores are entered, the best 9 differentials are used. The AAGT only looks at your most recent 12 scores to create the AAGT Handicap Index.

This varies from the USGA® Handicap Index as they use the lowest 1 differential when 5 or 6 scores have been entered, lowest 2 when 7 or 8 have been entered and so on up to maximum of 20 acceptable scores where they then use the lowest 10.

After you have determined how many differentials are to be used, add them all together and divide by the number used to obtain an ‘average differential’, multiply by .96 and delete the digits after the tenth decimal. As an example the same player has 12 differentials to be used. Throw out the highest 3 and total up the 9 to be used. 

Lowest 9 differentials:
Average (155.2/9):
Multiply average by .96
Delete all digits beyond tenths
AAGT Handicap Index

For a printable version of the AAGT indexing system, click here. If you have any questions or comments please contact the national office of the American Amateur Golf Tour at or by calling 800 717 2248.


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The American Amateur Golf Tour's 2006 Championship Week, consisting of the stroke-play National Championship and Sir Elford Cup team event, will be held October 2-7. More...

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2006 Championship Week
Sir Elford Cup
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Oct 2,3 - Palm Springs, CA

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Oct 4-7 - Palm Springs, CA

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Aug 12, 13 - LPGA International

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Western States Spring Championship
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