Michelob ULTRA Media Kit (marketing slicks)
The Tour Media Kit contains printable marketing slicks (in pdf format) for use marketing the Tour in your area.
Media Kit
Local Tour Sponsorship Guidelines
Microsoft Word document outlining various level of Tour Partners for local sponsors. The pricing for these packages is only a guideline and TD's should negotiate costs based on each situation.
DOC (624KB)
Sir Elford Cup Sponsorship Packages
Word doc outlining the various available guidelines for securing Sir Elford Cup Team/Event sponsorships.
DOC (224KB)
Michelob ULTRA Golf Tour Marketing Brochure
An electronic file of the printed national brochure. THESE FILES ARE FOR PRINTING ONLY, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL, as they are large in file size and will complicate mail servers.
PDF01 (1MB)
PDF02 (5.4MB)
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